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Pizza is loved by everyone, young and old. There are so many ways to cook pizza making it a truly universal dish that’s also one of the most versatile. Pizza is great for kid’s parties and it’s also ideal for family get togethers. If you and your family enjoy pizza as much as my family do then you’ll probably want to consider investing in your own pizza oven.

Best Outdoor Pizza Oven ?

What is a Pizza Oven?

Pizza ovens, as the name suggests, are ovens specifically designed and built to cook pizza, no surprises there. Their design is optimal for cooking foods at high temperatures. The design of pizza ovens usually involves a flat, stone hearth that’s inside a thick ceramic or brick dome which is specifically designed to maximise the heat retention inside the oven. Pizza ovens are often wood-fired, but gas fired models are available. Importantly, pizza ovens need to be heavily insulated in order to effectively retain the heat required to properly cook the pizza.

Pizza ovens come in various sizes, the larger being capable of simultaneously cooking multiple pizzas. The larger the oven, the longer it takes to reach a usable temperature.

When considering the purchase of a pizza oven there are a number of questions you should answer in order to identify the best outdoor pizza oven for your needs.

What do you plan to cook in your pizza oven and how much?

Pizza ovens are great for cooking…. Pizza. But being an oven there are many other foods that can potentially be cooked in them. It’s worth giving this some thought as it will help you determine the right size of oven for your needs.

Versatile Outdoor Pizza Oven or Bread Oven

Another aspect of pizza oven size is how much food you anticipate cooking at any one time. You need to choose an oven that provides more than adequate cooking space as this is often underestimated. But if you anticipate cooking only one pizza at a time, or maybe another dish, then a smaller oven would be a better choice as larger ovens take longer to reach the required cooking temperature.

Where will you locate your pizza oven?

While indoor pizza ovens are available we are discussing features of the best outdoor pizza ovens. So exactly where in your outdoor space do you want to locate your oven? Some people like to place their outdoor ovens under cover, allowing them to be used even in inclement UK summer weather. But it’s important to make certain that the oven has a clear chimney and is adequately ventilated for safety.

Another important oven location consideration is how to get your oven into your garden. If you want to install a heavy brick pizza oven, how can this be lifted into your garden?

Do you want a DIY build pizza oven?

Many people are opting to build their own backyard pizza ovens. One of the reasons being that it’s far easier to build an oven to the size required, in many gardens, than it is to lift a pre-built oven into the garden, possibly using a crane.

Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

Luckily there are some excellent outdoor pizza oven kits readily available today. The best of these kits provide absolutely everything necessary to build the oven which can be achieved by someone with modest DIY skills. Another option is to have the pizza oven kit built by an experienced constructor.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Attributes

When assessing ovens to find the best outdoor pizza oven for you and your family be certain to check out the following attributes.

  • Physical Size
    • It’s surprising how many people buy ovens that are simply too big for their outdoor space. Measure and then measure again to be absolutely certain.
  • Construction
    • Unfortunately there are some flimsy, poorly built outdoor pizza ovens on the market today, taking advantage of the demand but using low quality components and materials. Be certain to inspect the pizza oven construction and materials thoroughly.
  • Heating Up
    • How long does the oven take to reach the required cooking temperature? As noted, larger outdoor pizza ovens take longer to heat up but small ovens can’t simultaneously cook as much food. Make sure this is right for your needs.
  • Insulation
    • Oven insulation is vitally important so be sure to check this out. Some pizza ovens feature what’s called double insulation which is highly effective.
  • Materials and design
    • As noted, pizza ovens can be brick built, or ceramic and they may have a metal oven enclosure. It’s worth examining all of these design aspects.
  • Thermometer
    • Does the oven provide a thermometer to let you know how hot it is? This is an excellent feature which we love on our outdoor pizza oven.
  • Fuel
    • Is it s wood fired oven or does it use gas? Some outdoor pizza ovens can use both fuel sources. Make certain your oven is right for your fuel availability.
  • Ventilation
    • Look at the vents and the oven chimney. Are these adequate and will they work in your outdoor oven setting?

Outdoor pizza ovens are not only great for cooking pizza, they provide a wonderful focal point in your garden or outdoor space. We love to sit around ours late into the evening, sipping wine while enjoying the warmth emanating from the oven after we’ve eaten our wonderful pizza.

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