Garden Bird and Wildlife Care

Although many of us initially get started on our gardens thinking about what we want to grow it often becomes apparent that the most attractive aspect of our gardens are the birds and wildlife they attract.

I remember the first garden in which I dug a small pond. Within only a few days newts had moved in from who knows where. The marginal water plants alongside the pond plants provided a fantastic haven for a great many water loving creatures including toads and frogs.

It’s through gardening that I have become an avid bird-watcher. Our bird feeding station is now my most favourite garden feature attracting hundreds of birds every day. Keeping the feeders topped up with a variety of tasty treats means that our garden attracts a huge variety of wild birds including Woodpeckers, Jays, all manner of tits, Robins, Thrushes, many Blacbirds, Yellow Hammers and many more.

An important aspect of gardening for birds and wildlife is that they eat many of the creatures that are often considered pests. Snails, slugs, greenfly and other creatures are all great food for many birds. A key aspect of gardening for birds and wildlife is building from the bottom of the food chain upwards. Establishing a base population of insects and invertebrates will naturally attract those creatures that like to eat them.

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