Wild Bird Care

Attracting wild birds into our gardens and outdoor spaces is what gives many of us lots of pleasure. Feeding the birds, providing spaces for nesting and offering bird bathing facilities all help to develop a healthy eco system that enables wild birds to not only survive but thrive.

A water feature or pond is a great way to attract birds. Birds need water to both drink and bath so if you are able to provide a bird-friendly water feature in your garden you’ll soon see some airborne visitors.

Birds love insects so it’s worth starting at the bottom of the food chain and developing planting that will naturally attract insects as these will bring in the birds. Wildflowers and grasses are particularly good for both insects and birds who feed on the seed.

Always keep your bird feeding facility clean. Birds tend to foul everywhere they go and the guano and quickly build up to unhealthy levels so make sure you exercise sensible hygiene precautions and keep everything clean – but don’t go using any strong disinfectants or detergents. Water is enough to clean your bird feeding facility.

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