Gardening is the New Rock’n’roll

Every year something else is declared as ‘the new rock’n’roll’ – implying that it has become widely popular, much like rock’n’roll in the fifties. But the COVID-19 crisis has really brought the importance of gardens to the fore. Those of us lucky enough to have a little outdoor space have really appreciated how wonderful this is whilst stuck at home on lockdown.

Gardens are great for so many reasons. Not least – you can grow your own food. Many of us have discovered the joys of growing our own fruit and vegetables from seed. There’s possibly nothing more satisfying than sitting down to a meal with your family that’s fresher and anything you could buy from the shops, that tastes great and which you have grown yourself in your garden.

Gardens can be enjoyed for much more than growing produce. A few beautiful flowers will lift your spirits when you’re feeling low and its great to simply watch as plants grow and develop daily through the spring and summer.

And a garden is a great way to stay in touch with the seasons. Spending too much time indoors leads to us becoming disconnected from our natural world. We all need contact with the earth, with wildlife and with plants and that’s exactly what a garden can provide – no matter how big or small.

Your garden might be no more than a window box or some planters on your balcony but it will provide you with more enjoyment and pleasure that you can possibly imagine.

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