Introducing water into your garden is a well known way to attract wildlife and particularly birds. There’s nothing more wonderful than watching native birds feeding, preening and washing themselves in your garden bird bath. Here are some tips to get the most from your bird bath.

Make certain you situate your bird bath considerately. Don’t put it in full sun or somewhere that’s windswept. Ideally you will want to easily see your bird bath from your home so make certain yoiu choose a suitable location. A shady location helps minimise water evaporation and locating the bath near shrubs or trees where birds can perch is a good idea.

Always keep your bird bath clean. It’s a good idea not to let bird droppings accumulate in or around your bird bath or feeder. Aim to clean your bird bath frequently to make certain it remains safe for birds to use.

Make certain the water in your birdbath is shallow. If necessary, put some gravel or flat stones in the bottom of your bird bath to reduce the depth to a maximum of around 2 inches, which is ideal for British songbirds.


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