• Aroma Bar Stainless Steel 365 mm (36.5 cm) Long Flame Diffuser Gas Barbecue Flame 0.8 mm V2A K240

    1 x Aroma bar, flame diffuser for gas grill or other heating methods legs: See variations. Length: 365 mm: See variations. Other sizes are of course available. Material: Stainless steel Wst.1.4301 (IIIC/2B) AISI 304 CNS. Surface: Smooth, set Cut Glass with protector thickness: 0.8 mm, Weight: 6.4 kg/m². Cut Edges deburred
    This aroma bar is used to cover flame and heat distribution. Protects your grilled meat from grease fire. Marinade or fat cannot directly drip onto the flame. Made from stainless steel (V2 A) and is rust resistant. The heat protects the metal colour tarnish, which is normal. Please apply the protective foil before using.
    The opening is the internal dimensions, which rest width: of up to approximately 3 mm increased (material strength) 60 ° to 80 ° sharpener angle, 90 ° right angle / 100 ° up to 140 ° open angle


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