• Pot-up ‘Peel & Stick’ Self Adhesive Invisible Feet For pots, Containers and Statury, 20 Pack

    ★ NO MORE STRESS TRYING TO FIND THE RIGHT FEET FOR YOUR POT★ Pot-Up planter feet were especially designed the perfect size (30mm X 12mm) to make them appear totally invisible under your pots. Our Pot-Up’s with their unique size are really discreet and the only ones to bring out the true beauty and glory of your pots ! Join the 1000’s of happy Pot-Up customers today !
    ★ GREEN IS THE PRIME COLOR OF THE WORLD, AND THAT FROM WHICH IT’S LOVELINESS ARISES ★ Our 12mm thick pot toes were perfectly designed to lift your planters off the ground, allowing your plants better water drainage & air circulation – keeping your plants FRESH, HEALTHY AND GREEN!
    ★ YOUR GARDEN IS YOUR STRESS FREE ZONE ★ Frustrated by the stains and damage your flower pots are causing your patio’s and surfaces? No More! Our super simple & easy to use pot feet, will provide a LONG LASTING PROTECTION FOR YOUR DECK, PATIOS & SURFACES. Our durable, long lasting risers will lift your pots and prevent them from staining & damaging your surfaces, so you could really enjoy your planters! Simply place them under all your pots and let the miracle start.

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