• Outdoor space – large mosquito net for double beds, 200 x 220 x 200 cm

    Extra large – dimensions: 200 x 220 x 200 cm.For maximum freedom of movement and comfort.Many nets on the market only have a ground area of 200 x 200 cm, and tend to be unsuitable for large double beds, as not only the sleeping surface, but also the bedstead must be taken into account.With an extended wall of 220 cm, you’ll be on the safe side with us.
    Mesh 230 – a narrow mesh for high security, yet light enough to provide good air circulation.The World Health Organisation recommends a mesh density of 180 – 230.This net provides optimal protection against mosquitoes, because the higher the mesh count, the smaller the mesh size.
    Washable – the net can be washed at up to 60 degrees in the washing machine.In this regard, we differ from most of our competitors.Includes washing instructions (English language not guaranteed).100 % 50D polyester – lightweight material with high stability.Free from additional chemicals.50D material has been proven to possess the perfect balance between stability and lightness after our extensive testing.-

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