Spring Sunshine in Devon

devon garden

This coronavirus lockdown has coincided with some unusually warm April weather here in Devon. Those of us lucky enough to have gardens or a little outdoor space are making the most of our good fortune while feeling very sorry for those who are couped up indoors without any outdoor space to enjoy. Hopefully, this lockdown will soon come to an end and we can all return to making the most of our wonderful countryside and outdoor spaces.

Having some extra time on our hands has prompted me to take a few snapshots, around our Devon garden, and share them here.

Our cat Steve – considering climbing higher in the cherry tree – surrounded by Bluebells.
Apple trees are in full blossom – and looking fabulous.

Spring time is such an exciting time in the garden. Things are changing by the hour but we could really do with some rain.

Woodland bluebells in the Devon sunshne.

We are extremely lucky to have a garden that includes a few trees and a small woodland which looks wonderful in the spring with an abundance of bluebells and wild garlic.

Early Rhodedendron flowers looking lovely.
Wonderful spring tulips.

Daffodils have mostly gone over right now, but there are plenty of other flowers brightening up the garden including some wonderful Tulips and Rhodedendron, just coming into flower.

Forget-me-nots provide a great spring display.
Yellow flag in the wild pond – beginning to flower.
Gunnera making the most of the spring sunshine.

Our Devon garden is susceptible to frosts, especially in certain ‘pockets’. But so far this spring we have been very lucky. We have a number of Gunnera plants around the garden which, in previous years, have been badly damaged by late frosts. So far this year we have done quite well at protecting them from the effects of a few icy mornings. Fingers crossed, we will not see another frost until winter rolls around again.

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